Following the decision to equip each of the villages with defibrillators, the Parish Council secured a grant from the Marlborough Area Board and reserved additional funds in the budget for 2019-20 to enable four machines to be purchased;

A Defibrillators Project Team has been set up and arrangements have been made with the South West Ambulance Service Foundation Trust ( SWASFT); the Wiltshire Council’s preferred provider. SWAST advised on the most appropriate location for the machines which are sited as follows:

  •  Fyfield: St Nicholas Church porch,
  •  Lockeridge: the Whoda thought it pub porch,
  •  Kennet Valley Hall,
  •  West Overton: the phone box

 SWAST will provide training for residents to use the machines on a regular annual basis as well as stocking and maintaining the machines.

SWAST have made available a short video ( YouTube)  demonstrating how to deliver effective Basic Life Support under the amended guidance for COVID but does not include using a defibrillator. The video was created for the ‘Restart a Heart’ day 2020 RAH. See: Restart a Heart Day 2020 – YouTube